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All egg purchases are a Preorder.  Your payment for eggs will get you on the list for eggs, and we work down this list as we ship.  Depending on which eggs you purchase, they could ship instantly or be delayed a few weeks or a few months.  We can no longer issue refunds.  If you are not ok with the possibility of a delay, it is best you purchase your eggs elsewhere.

I have a list for all of my eggs. You get on this list by purchasing your choice of eggs. Some eggs may be available to ship out right away, however other eggs will go on backorder until they are available, and your name comes up on my list.


Depending on which eggs you purchase depends on how long your wait is. Please do not make this purchase unless you completely understand how our egg process works.


Please note... I am about 12 weeks out IF not longer with Lemon Blue Eggs!  I can not make the birds lay faster, nor can I fill orders without eggs!  Please if you decide to make this purchase to get on my Pre-Order list understand this!


Listing is for 6 Lemon Blue/Lemon Splash With this pen, you could hatch Lemon Blue & Lemon Splash.


SHIPPING & DELIVERY Policy for Shipping Eggs

Please read entire page before purchasing eggs! I can not, guarantee eggs. Once eggs leave our hands, we are not responsible for how the USPS has handled them. With different incubation practices, we can not guarantee your hatch rate either. If you are not okay with this then please do not order eggs from us. We do guarantee that you will receive fresh eggs. We check fertility often in our pens, and do not ship eggs unless we have had good development from them. Hatching Eggs are now being sold as a Preorder Hatching Eggs are shipped in the order they were paid. If hens slow down with their laying, eggs could be delayed. I will get them shipped out as soon as I can. ​ I test fertility often. If your shipped eggs don't develop, that does not mean they aren't fertile. Testing fertility can also cause delays. I have to stop and test fertility often to ensure you receive the absolute best chances for hatching. If fertility is not great when tested, no eggs will be shipped until fertility improves. This is so you receive the best possible chance. ​


REFUNDS: Refunds are no longer issued after payment is made. Egg orders are placed on a list in order that they were paid for. This preorder list is the best way for me to continue shipping fresh eggs. We try to work with special dates if at all possible.

6 Lemon Blue/Lemon Splash Hatching Eggs

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