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Our love for chickens started about 6 years ago.  We had been discussing getting a few chickens for eggs when one of my friends showed me a picture of a silkie!  I fell in love instantly.  We went on a mission to find some, and not knowing any better ended up getting some from our local feed store.  Now, there is nothing wrong with silkies from a feed store, but if you are looking for those fluffy birds with the big fluffy crests, going with an actual silkie breeder is your best option.  At the time we purchased these birds, we only had about an acre of land, and we technically lived in a neighborhood.  But, that neighborhood didn't have a covend, so roosters were ok.  Fast forward to a year later when I told my husband we needed more land, because I wanted to start a small chicken hobby farm.  Now, here we are in our new house, with more land, and several more birds.

I love silkies.  I am partial to buff silkies, but we have several different colors now.  We work with blue, splash, black, paint, buff, and have recently added Lavender, and Grey.  We are also working on a chocolate pen.

Now, I will always love my silkies, but we had purchased some Bantam Cochins when we moved into our new house, and I loved them instantly.  For some reason, they are so much more personable.  So, when a friend of mine had to rehome her flock of Calico Bantam Cochins I knew they needed to live with me.  Who knew that you could love a bird so much!  Most of my girls are sweet, but my boys are the sweetest!  So now, we also have Bobtail Bantam Cochins as well as the Calico, and have just started working on Lemon Blue, and Lavender.


I wouldn't change this life for anything.  My chicken coop is my happy place!

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About Crazy Glamorous Chickens

We are a small Hobby Farm that specializes in Silkies and Bantam Cochins.


We offer Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Juveniles, and sometimes Adults.

We do not ship live birds at this time.

We do ship our hatching eggs.


Located in Sanford, NC





Silkie and Bantam Cochins

Small Hobby Farm specializing in Silkies in the colors of Blue, Black, Splash, Buff, and Chocolate Variety. With various feather types as in Frizzle, Satin, Satin Frizzle, and regular.

We also work with Bantam Cochins in the colors of Calico, Bobtail, Lemon Blue, and Lavender

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