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What Are Bobtail Bantam Cochins?


We all know what Bantam Cochins are.  Feathered feet, fluffy butt, sweet little chickens!  Bantam Cochins are available in many different colors.  For example, I have Calico, Lemon Blue, and Bobtail Bantam Cochins.

So as you can see, Bobtail is the color of these gorgeous Bantam Cochins!  The word Bobtail has nothing to do with their tail.  Like a Bobtail cat is tailless.  Bobtail Bantam Cochins got their name from the Bobtail Sheepdog.  As their colors were the same.

The Hens of this color are white headed, and Grey/Lavenderish Bodied.  Cockerels are white with khaki shoulders and through their backs.

At the moment I do not have any eggs available for this color.  I may possibly have some later in the year.  


Please understand that once these do become available, I will be at least a few months out on orders.

Please Note:  All egg orders are PREORDERS.  What does Preorder mean?  It means that all orders ship in the order they were paid.  It means that your eggs ship out to you as they become available.  

I am not responsible once eggs leave my hands.  I can not guarantee your hatch rate with shipped eggs.  Everyone uses different incubation practices therefore, I am not responsible if eggs do not hatch.

Shipping can cause detached air cells, scrambled air cells, and eggs to not develop.  Just because an egg does not develop does not mean that eggs were not fertile.   Shipping eggs can cause them not to develop.  I am not at fault for egg not hatching.

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