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Policy For Shipping Eggs

I can not guarantee hatching with your eggs. Everyone has different incubation methods, and shipped eggs could arrive with scrambled air cells. If your eggs don't develop that does not mean that they are not fertile. NO REFUNDS! NO RETURNS!

I do guarantee the eggs will arrive unharmed. If they arrive damaged, you can message me for a replacement.

Hatching Eggs are now being sold as Preorders. In order to get on the list for eggs, you must Preorder and PrePay for eggs. Hatching Eggs are shipped in the order they were paid. If hens slow down with their laying, eggs could be delayed. I will get them shipped out as soon as I can.

My hatch rate at home is 95% to 100%

I test fertility often. If your shipped eggs don't develop, that does not mean they aren't fertile.

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